Documents Required for Your Audit

The Following Documents need to be submitted:

For Forensic Audit:

We will require copies of following from your last mortgage closing for Forensic Mortgage Audits

· Truth-In-Lending Statement

· Hud-1 Document

· Mortgage Note

· Copy of Mortgage/Deed

· GFE – Good Faith Estimate (Any and all given)

· Any other disclosure given by Broker or lender during time of loan origination process and closing

· Final 1003- Uniform Residential Loan Application

·Transfer and Servicing Disclosure

·Right of Recession ( If applicable )

·Initial Arm Disclosure ( If applicable )

· ECOA Statement

· Right to Copy of Appraisal

· Privacy Policy Notice

· FACTA Disclosures

· A notepad with your notes to auditor(If applicable) The items listed in BOLD are required as a minimum to perform your Forensic Mortgage Audit – The other items are requested because if not submitted, we will mark as a violation which could be disproved if the lender were to provide said document.

 Once Assembled scan and email to:


For Securitization Audit:

  1. Deed of Trust
  2. Mortgage Note
  3. Disclosure Statement about MERS (if applicable)
  4. Servicing Transfer Disclosure
  5. 1003 Application
  6. Recent payment coupon and any from any previous servicers
  7. Any recent correspondence, default or bankruptcy notices if you have them.
  8. All recent information from the current lender and any recent court documents that you may have with the existing lender and the current servicers info/loan number.

Once Assembled scan and email to:


Which Audit Should You Order?


Forensic Mortgage Audit:  

The Forensic Mortgage Loan Document Audit is an important piece of a loan modification request.  Most audits that we perform expose major violations of the Truth in Lending Act, and The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.  These Laws Protect Consumers from questionable lending institutions by requiring Clear Disclosures and the Actual Costs that you, the Consumer, will have to pay.   

              $ 425.00   




Standard Securitization Audit:

If there is no lawsuit, foreclosure or other action in court;  Beginning with the standard securitization audit is the most appropriate.  This Audit checks for Pooling and Servicing Agreement Violations, Truth in lending Act Violations, Universal Service Code and MERS Violations, and more.     You can have an affidavit attached to this audit, if further documentation is needed.

                 $ 500.00




 Expanded Securitization Audit:

If you are currently engaged in a legal action or are in a post foreclosure condition then the expanded audit/affidavit is what you want to order.  This package is the most thorough package available on the market today!!

This Expanded Securitization Audit and Affidavit Report is best used for open court case lawsuits against a lender with specific information to review and comment on from the attorney/client ordering the report.  This is also the perfect report for any client interested in pursuing a post foreclosure resolution.

                 $ 775.00



When you have assembled the above information scan it and email it to:

If you prefer, you may send a postal money order made payable to:  tony-dale: partin  at  36500 FORD RD., PMB 220 WESTLAND, MI 48185-3769

 General turnaround times are as follows:
Standard Audits          9-12 business days
Expanded Audits        14-17 business days

I agree to pay the amount indicated above to tony-dale: partin and/or THE PARTIN FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC for auditing services, and I understand that there is a chance that the audit may come back with no/minimal errors and I am paying for a fair and accurate report regardless of the audit report findings.

tony-dale: partin and THE PARTIN FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC will be held harmless for any damages or home loss due to court outcome or use of the audit.

Forensic Mortgage & Securitization Audits